For you to sing like a bird, you will need help to get going!

That is what,

Let's Get It Out There!

is all about. 

This package is cost-effective for the start-up artist. It includes:

Five Recording Sessions

All studio instruments

All amplification

All recording equipment

Music arranging



100 hard copies on CD

Artwork up to to a four page booklet

Distribution to all digital platforms worldwide

Online sales management

Local radio airplay

Live album launch venue

To apply, email the studio manager below.  

Some of the Singles, Albums and EP's

That have been created at the Factory


Choir of Norsewood

The Gilbert & Sullivan Collection

Management & Booking


The Old Dairy Factory

76 Hovding St, RD11


Tararua 4974

New Zealand

Call - +64 27 476 5041

email -

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